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Konverzion provides a unique service, differentiated by a combination of location-based technology, digital agency services and directed marketing campaigns.

Having no dependency on a mobile application, our services  enable you to connect with consumers in real-time, through individually tailored messages and experiences, across various digital devices.

We create objective-driven marketing campaigns, based on insights gathered from consumers’ physical behavior, designed to influence behavior, buying decisions, and drive spend.

Through data analytics, we measure consumer behavior, user response and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, increase dwell time, influence return visits, number of stores visited, change shopping patterns and convert potential purchases into profitable transactions.

Attract Visitors

By implementing value added initiatives and rewards for return customers, Konverzion positions a specific venue as a preferred destination, consequently attracting more foot traffic to the destination.

Dwell Time

Using data analysis, we measure customer behaviour and use the insights to send relevant push notifications that increase the number of stores visited, influence buying decisions, increase dwell time and turn browsers into buyers.

Marketable Leads

Customers acquired during acquisition become part of a customer database, which brands can target through objective-driven marketing campaigns.

Return Visitors

The number of return visits is enhanced by implementation of customer incentives that reward repeat visits, acknowledge participation, create interest in future campaigns and ultimately drive spend.

Team Collaboration

Konverzion works in partnership with leading digital and consumer-marketing agencies to create fully integrated campaigns that convert potential prospects into profitable transactions.

Consumer Interaction

Customers’ want instant gratification and personalised experiences. Konverzion uses insights through technology to create real-time, tailored communication relevant to a customer’s needs at a specific time.

Opt-in Registration

As the first step in delivering successful, tailored mobile marketing content, Konverzion builds a high value opt-in database.

Personalised Engagement

Konverzion combines advanced technology, hardware, software, digital interaction and direct marketing to deliver personalised content to each individual, through a platform of their choice.


Konverzion works optimally when supported by a mobile campaign that integrates the online and offline experience.

We use Proximity Technology to detect a consumer as they approach or arrive at your venue, and deliver targeted marketing content based on analytical insights via our automated engagement platform.

Our mobile campaigns can be tailored to suit numerous business objectives, and encourage increase consumer engagement accordingly. To deliver on business and marketing objectives, proximity sensors trigger contextually relevant marketing campaigns.

Multiple mobile campaigns can be delivered simultaneously, and adapts dynamically to various market segments detected.


Location Services

This system automatically identifies and tracks the location of consumers in real-time as they enter a designated zone. Fixed reference points receive wireless signals that determine location, trigger proximity marketing, and provide key data such as footfall, dwell-time, return visit count and new versus repeat visits.


Location-enabled social media posts, check-ins and natural language location searching creates a geo-social profile or footprint – determined by location and information a consumer shares via social media.

Customer Profiling

Data analytics provide insights about consumer behaviour on-site, and allow targeted campaigns to be matched with specific consumer profiles, based on preferences.

Powerful Segmentation and
Contact Management

Konverzion provides a simple and straightforward method to send targeted, relevant email and push notifications, and define target segments based on consumer data.

Geozones and Proximity

Geo-zones automatically trigger push notifications the instant a customer enters the area. The platform has a cool-down period to ensure a consumer is not overwhelmed with push notifications.



‘Adoption’ commences with a drive to encourage consumers to opt-in.

This phase is critical to the success of the programme, and is reliant on rewards to satisfy consumer demand for instant gratification, acknowledge participation and create interest in future campaigns – rewards for return visits, personalised offers and individually tailored promotions.

Customers are categorised according to lifestyle, retail and product preferences.

Campaign examples:

Opt-in & Win!
Data acquisition for a reward / chance to win
What’s Your Preference?
Consumer profiling / selection of preferences
It’s You Again!
Instant reward for return visits
Basic Ad
Tenant-specific promotion / offer
Half Price Promotion
Half price promotion – limited time only


Targeted campaigns are developed in close collaboration with a venue or retailer
to meet business objectives and drive spend through rewards for repeat visits.

Campaign examples:

Crack the Code
Unlock the vault to get discount / interaction
Book a Table
20% off with a restaurant booking


Campaigns are strategically developed to influence consumer buying behaviour, drive directed tenant visits, collect consumer insights for more detailed segmentation, influence dwell time and drive spend.

Though the focus is on mobile engagement, campaigns can be extended across various platforms to leverage existing promotions.

Campaigns are scoped and priced with landlords or tenants during the implementation phase.

Campaign examples:

Around the Mall
Drive customers to 3 stores within 2 hours
Just One Word
Simple question and answer
Flick the Switch
3 buttons, 1 chance – randomly switch on a device in-store for a chance to win it
Tell a Friend
Share deal via social media – get 50% off


Why Konverzion?

With increased consumer touch points and demand for access to instantaneous information, businesses must effectively service consumers’ needs in the physical and digital world. Consumers want a personalised experience, with targeted marketing campaigns relevant to their needs, at the right time. Understanding and responding to these needs enable you to influence behaviour and purchasing decisions.

Meeting customers where they are

Through insights gathered via the platform, we engage consumers in-venue through proximity marketing campaigns and personalised messaging that enhance their overall experience. Content is delivered via direct and indirect channels, including SMS, email, video, banners and push notifications to browsers or applications and digital signage.

Traditional meets digital

Konverzion is a pioneering organisation that utilises world-class technology to collect and analyse consumer data in real-time, in collaboration with leading traditional and digital agencies.

We work closely with retailers, brands and venues to create targeted real-time campaigns that drive and influence consumer spend and behaviour within the venue. At the foundation of this initiative is the platform that effectively engages, tracks, targets and measures consumers in real-time.

Objective-driven campaigns

We create marketing messages that are delivered as real-time push notifications to consumers as they enter the venue or approach designated areas. Our intelligence engine personalises messages based on data points about individual consumer

profiles, precise locations and traffic flow. We develop objective-driven campaigns with simple configurable parameters, aligned to your business requirements, and provide insightful reports on the performance of these campaigns.

Tailored, real-time campaigns

Understanding who the consumer is and gathering data on their behaviour, you can effectively drive tailored, real-time, targeted campaigns. This valuable data allows you to monitor and respond to market trends and meet consumer demands. In response to this market challenge, Konverzion was formed to assist you on this journey.


FGX Studios

FGX Studios is a respected digital agency with a wealth of expertise and experience in innovative integration, including Web Development, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Creative Design and Communication. Its unique and ever-adapting approach to digital is founded on the need for innovation, technology, strategy and agility.

With particular focus on consumers and purchasing habits, FGX creates highly engaging digital platforms. By aligning a knowledge of consumers, their shopping habits, digital usage and statistics, FGX offers businesses real-world benefits.

FGX Studios’ online innovation comes to the forefront in collaboration with Konverzion; providing interactive and informative campaigns that effectively engage real-time mobile users.



The Ionizr platform seamlessly integrates technology in all consumer touch points to deliver content, insights and increasing consumer conversions. It provides analytical insight of physical and online behavior, combining the real time flow of visits to your venue and their website interaction.

Its proprietary architecture allows for a single Ionizr Node that combines a traditional Wi-Fi router with beacon technology, which provides services to multiple tenants concurrently and enables tracking and self-calibrating location detection. The software provides registration, targeted information services, voucher delivery, analytics and mobile engagement.


Mustard Seed Relationship Marketing

With expertise in retail property portfolios, consumer research and brand communication, Mustard Seed Relationship Marketing has a deep understanding of consumer behavior, engagement and trends. The agency works in partnership with Konverzion to conceptualise and develop strategic, objective-driven campaigns, designed to address the challenges, deliverables and performance expectations faced by businesses and landlords.

The agency boasts a full-service design studio, including Brand Strategy, Campaign and Concept Development, Creative Direction, Social Media Strategy, Copywriting, Design, Project Management, Promotions and Events, Media Buying, On-site Marketing Management, Exhibitions and Display Management, complemented by a Retailer and Service Provider Training and Research division.



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